Statistical Methods for Computer Science, Spring 2020

Tue 11:45am-1:25pm and Thu 2:50pm - 4:30pm, Behrakis Health Sciences Cntr 325

The course introduces methods of statistical inference, useful in any area of science that collects and analyzes data. The course discusses the methodological foundations, as well as issues of practical implementation and use. Methods discussed in this class are applicable to a broad range of problems, from design and analysis of empirical studies of complex real-life phenomena, to design and analysis of evaluations of computer experiments or computer science research. The coursework includes a term project involving programming and/or work with real-life investigations.

The course discusses the following topics:

Instructor: Prof. Olga Vitek
Office hours: Tue and Fri after the class, or by appointment. WVH 310F.
Mailbox: WVH 202

Teaching assistants:
Mr. Sicheng Hao, Email:
Office hours: Tue 2-3pm, or by appointment. WVH 310.

Course policies and administration:
Syllabus, Piazza, Blackboard.
Academic integrity policy is strictly enforced.

Main text:

(KNNL) Applied Linear Statistical Models. Kutner, Neter, Nachtsheim, Li, McGraw-Hill, 5th Edition, 2004. Datasets.
Additional texts will be posted dynamically on Piazza